Mee-ni-sha-piy (Berry Drink)

Mee – N i – Sha means “berries” in the Indigenous Omushkegowin language. Mee – N i – Sha play a very important role in Indigenous culture, food and health. For this recipe, you can use any fresh berries that are available to you. Berries that are bruised or overripe are the best to use.




1 cup berries

1 cup sugar

1 cup apple cider vinegar


  1. Combine 1 cup of berries with 1 cup of sugar in a bowl and mash or blend the mixture.
  2. Put the mixture into an airtight container and leave out at room temperature for 48 hours. Shake the mixture occasionally.
  3. Add 1 cup o f apple cider vinegar (48 hours from when you started) and transfer it into a new airtight container (a mason jar works best). Tip: chef Scott says, “We do not strain, as we like to utilize the whole berry, while seeds and skins add a lot of benefit.”
  4. Keep refrigerated, it’s now ready!
  5. Add the desired amount into soda water or tea.
  6. Sip on this refreshing and delicious drink, while enjoying Creator’s gift of berries.


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