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Best Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

plate of chocolate chip cookies
I’ve had this recipe since 1983. I had just finished my nursing degree at Dalhousie University and was working at the IWK Sick Children’s Hospital and living with my dear friend Diane Bliss in Halifax. Diane grew up in Florenceville, New Brunswick and the recipe came from her Aunt Margie. This “Aunt” was not a blood relative but rather a term of endearment for her beloved neighbour Margaret McCain, a woman known for her good taste and devotion to children and family.

The McCain clan did rather well with frozen French fried potatoes. They are rather big in orange juice. And Diane had a fun summer job testing those yummy (addictive) Deep’n Delicious frozen sheet cakes in their corporate kitchens in Flo’ville.  As wildly successful as Wallace and Harrison McCain made their company, I can only imagine how ever more exponential their success would have been if they’d added these chewy delicious chocolate chip cookies to their roster of offerings. It would have been a big poke in the belly to that little Pillsbury dough boy. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, I’m very grateful to Diane for making them for me all those years ago and for sharing the recipe. Thirty-five years later, they’re still my favourite. I hope you love them like I do. I truly think they are the best ever. Continue reading


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A #recipe for my Best Bran Muffins

Best Bran Muffins

honey date bran muffin - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Best Bran Muffins – photo credit – Karen Anderson

This is a recipe I’ve been testing for years. I’ve varied many aspects and have tried butter, coconut oil, agave nectar, cane sugar, no spicing, spicing, different flours and fruits but I’ve finally decided that this is my best bran muffin. I hope you enjoy the recipe that follows. A cup of tea and a good muffin in the morning is a great way to savour it all. Continue reading

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Savour food Savour life – care-filled cookery – food you can make friends in need #yychelps

Thursday June 20 - 2013 Elbow River near Hwy 8 and 22 at Bragg Creek roundabout photo  - Cole Anderson

Thursday June 20 – 2013
Elbow River near Hwy 8 and 22 at Bragg Creek roundabout
photo – Cole Anderson

When the going gets tough, cooks get cooking.

This past week my city, Calgary, Alberta, had the worst flood in its 129 year history. My husband and son mopped, shoveled and dragged mud, drywall and the remnants of our friends lives, now rubbish, from their homes. It was dirty, stinky, nasty, gut-wrenching and emotional work. Where was I, you might ask? I was where you can always find me when the going gets tough – in my kitchen.

Disasters are extreme. I did an extreme amount of cooking this week to match. I’ve been cooking a long time. I have developed a repertoire of recipes that I’ve made time and time again when people I love are under duress. I make these recipes in particular because they are the ones I nearly always have the ingredients on hand for. They are also the ones that people tell me that they enjoyed the most and that stood out for them. People ask me for these recipes once they’ve tried them. They are practical but seem to have just the right amount of deliciousness in them to show the care I’m wanting to transmit. I’ll share those recipes here and perhaps they’ll become something you can add to your repertoire for when you have friends in need.

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