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@westjet #christmas miracle 2016 – and the coolest thing of all

I used to look forward to watching my favourite Christmas movies each holiday season. Now I look forward to a four minute video from an airline.

I watch my favourite movies because they capture the spirit of Christmas – love, peace, generousity and all that’s best in humanity. I watch these WestJet videos for the same reason. They remind me how connected we are and what magic we can make for our fellow human beings just by caring for each other. The movies may be classic, the videos fresh but, the message is the same. Out of profound loss and grief, joy can arrive out of caring. And THAT is the coolest thing of all.


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Not Invisible – Art Installation #4

There is no them
There’s only us

I can’t see him but he’s not invisible

The plain truth delivered in U2’s powerful black and white

If my 18-year-old son were alive would he be rebelling and saying
you can’t see me but I’m here
I’m not my father’s son

doesn’t matter, that’s all drama, invented by my brain
my body knows we are all just bodies in one soul

There is no them
There’s only you
and there’s only me
There’s only us

Thank you to U2 for helping me see what’s not invisible
and for giving me the glue to keep it together
it’s always fiction if we imagine we are separate

There’s only us
I will not turn away from the one, not today or any day

I’ll take the pain and savour it all
once again

and besides, this song is about helping bodies on this planet who are invisible even though they are physically present
and that’s where I’ll turn my attention today
my son would have liked that
taking care of our oneness

there’s only us

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Holiday party recipes – my @AlbertaatNoon column for November

I can squeeze 12 around my table and that makes for a very cozy gathering. I care for that. photo - Karen Anderson

I can squeeze 12 around my table and that makes for a very cozy gathering. I care for that.
photo – Karen Anderson

I don’t believe in perfect. The late great Erma Bombeck said if we wait for everything to be perfect to entertain we’ll miss out on way too much fun. I’m a firm believer that humans can never have too much fun and we need to exercise all options that might lead to the experience of joy.

I’m in love with the idea of having many creative options. Give up the idea of perfection and suddenly many ideas will have a chance to bring you joy. I think Confucius had it right when he said,

“the only way… is to have many ways”.

When it comes to parties and food, people can fall into the trap of wanting to have “the perfect party” and “perfect food”. I’m convinced there’s no such thing and that a party is better when it is not focused on these aspects of entertaining. Give yourself a break and keep your focus on the fun. Lighten up and enjoy the sharing of good food, drink and music with friends and family.

Joy will follow where fun leads.

For my November CBC Radio One Alberta at Noon radio column I presented three ideas or themes for holiday parties – family fun, appetizer themes and cozy suppers for the near and dear. This blog will deliver the recipes to go with each of those themes. Use the party planning principles I presented and enjoy these yummy recipes. Expect to be delighted and savour it all this holiday season. Blessings to you and yours, Karen

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