Savour food – Fish – Breaking the Commodity Curse

Breaking the Commodity Curse.

Here’s a great article from the Ecology Action Centre (EAC)(action is their middle name) of Nova Scotia. I’m researching our very fishy seafood story here in Canada because I’m talking about Sustainable Seafood this week on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon. Good Lord above, it’s confusing.

I just finished reading the EAC’s report entitled Valueing Our Fisheries – Breaking Nova Scotia’s Commodity Curse (Nikoloyuk & Adler, 2013) and I’m grateful to this group for the gestalt they offer.

Back to it. It’s sink of swim time for this writer. Coming up with recipes is easy; casting a broad net on this ocean of info and hoping to do it justice in six minutes of air time… well, let’s hope I can find a life preserver somewhere on board this boat.


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