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Cooking with a #Wok – 3 of my favourite #ChineseFood #recipes for my February @AlbertaAtNoon column

This post will share three of my favourite Chinese recipes and a primer on how to cook with my favourite kitchen tool – my wok. Continue reading

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#HotPot for #ChineseNewYear – #recipes for my February @AlbertaatNoon column


I had the good fortune to travel throughout China in 2007 and enjoy authentic Hot Pot in Lijiang in Hunan Province. There are a couple of fun places I like to go for Chinese Hot Pot in Calgary’s Chinatown listed here. To be honest, though, my favourite way to enjoy the Hot Pot dining experience is at home with friends. This post will give you tips and recipes so you can do the same. Continue reading

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#Salad #Recipes for my January @AlbertaatNoon food column and to help you eat more fruit and vegetables – always a good resolution

Alberta produce

Here you’ll find 2 new recipes I developed for my Alberta at Noon food column for CBC Radio One. I hope they’ll inspire you to eat more fruits and vegetables. The current recommendations are 5 – 9 servings each day or about 4.5 cups. Are you getting enough? Are you getting any? (nudge, nudge – wink, wink)

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#WasteNotWantNot this #Christmas – #recipes from one of 2015’s most important food books by @TasteReport #CindaChavich

WasteNot_cvrRecipes and photos reprinted with permission from TouchWood Editions.

Cinda Chavich is one of Canada’s foremost food and travel writers and like cream that rises to the top, her journalism school education means she delivers top notch reporting on food issues. Her latest book, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook – Save Food, Save Money, and Save The Planet (Touchwood, 2015) is timely and empowering.

We all want to do something to help save our planet and Cinda helps us start in the heart of all of our homes – our kitchens – to do our bit to reduce the harmful effects of food waste. In this post Cinda shares a few recipes that are perfect for Christmas and she also “talks turkey” about avoiding waste in a season that can be fraught with excess.

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A visit to the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence and my @AlbertaatNoon podcast for September

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence - photo courtesy of the centre

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence – photo courtesy of the centre

Last week, while researching my monthly Alberta at Noon column, I had the opportunity to visit The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. Beef prices have hit a record high this year. They are up by 36% and drought is a big factor. Ranchers across the Prairies are having to buy feed instead of it growing in abundance. With favourite beef cuts like steaks and prime rib roasts at such high prices, it’s a very good time to explore lesser known cuts of meat.

Necessity is a great incentive program but that doesn’t mean that when the going gets tough, your meat has to as well. In today’s Alberta at Noon podcast I talked about the The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence staff’s emphasis on teaching consumers to use the whole animal in a nose to tail (everything is delicious if you just know how to cook it) fashion. Read on for a more about the centre and its role in the beef industry.

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beefing up for my @AlbertaatNoon food column with a little help from @GauchoBBQ

This post is a roundup of inspiration to utilize more than just expensive cuts of beef. The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence and Organic Alberta have the perfect workshop to get you thinking outside the burger box. The “beef connoisseurs” workshop will be Saturday, September 26, 2015. Attendees will learn lots of tips and recipes and have a chance to ask true experts for advice.

Since not all of us can make it to the workshop, this post shares some inspiring recipes from a couple of my favourite cooks – Ede Rogrigues of Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue and Noorbanu Nimji of A Spicy Touch cookbooks. While Canadian cooks are still learning about using more affordable cuts of meat, industry chefs and other cultures have made it their practice to be frugal.

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#recipe for Robin’s Nests – a little spring goody to make just for the fun of it

Robin's nests - photo - Karen Anderson

Robin’s nests – photo – Karen Anderson

I made a lot of these “Robin’s Nest” cookies for a Senior Citizen’s Spring Tea I was helping out with and they were a bit hit. Just make your favourite chocolate macaroon recipe and poke a little Robin’s egg blue jelly bean on the top of each.

I’m not usually very “Martha Stewart” but, yes, I have to admit that I did stand at the bulk bin and pick out all the jelly beans that were this pretty blue colour.

It was worth it.

My macaroon recipe follows in case you don’t have one of your own.

Happy Spring.

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