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Savour Food Savour Life – @calgaryfoodtour is Calgary’s newest beekeeper with a lot of help from @YYCbees

Calgary Food Tours keeps bees - we're in it for the honey and for our community

Calgary Food Tours keeps bees – we’re in it for the honey and for our community

One of my ways of being is to savour my food and savour my life. I can’t do one without the other. I try to balance my love of both.

I love honey and bees symbolize for me the universal connection between food and life. The fact that bees are not doing well and that beekeepers everywhere are losing them in great numbers is a harbinger for me. I don’t like what the loss of bees heralds. I don’t like the disruption in nature’s delicate balance that it means.

I’m a believer in the art of contributing to life in small ways with the faith that my actions, however small, will make a big difference if enough of us would only do those small things. When it comes to savouring food and contributing to a healthy food system for my home in Alberta, Canada I decided that getting involved with beekeeping might be a small way that I can make a difference where the fate of bees is concerned. This blog is about me, my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. and the bees we are nurturing for our community, our food, and our life.

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Savour food – Honey – and meeting Carl Honoré- talk about sweet…

Here’s my Alberta @ Noon podcast about Honey and Beekeeping in Alberta from today. I’m at the 13.50 mark. Holly and I had a lot of fun talking about honey and Valentine’s and you’ll never guess what?

Carl Honoré, author of The Slow Fix:Solve Problems, Work Smarter and Live Better was in the green room before the show and he loved my Honey Beet Cake! Here he is with a look that says, “Back off, I’m going to SLOWLY enjoy this”. Poor man; he just got off a flight from London. Still he looked almost as good as my cake, despite being jet-lagged, and more importantly for a man about to go on radio, he was his usual eloquent salient self.

Carl Honoré liked my Honey Beet Cake very much

Carl Honoré liked my Honey Beet Cake very much

Carol Honoré also wrote In Praise of Slow: How a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed and when he was touring in support of that book I got to hear him speak. He puts a lot of work into his orations, has a story arc, can veer off topic but always takes you with him and steers you carefully back. He’s studied Winston Churchill’s speeches and he really cares that his writing and speaking communicate to those that go to the trouble of reading his work or listening to him. What a delight he is. I can’t make his talk tonight at the Calgary Public Library but he told me he’ll swing back through Calgary and Banff in April and June. I’ll read The Slow Fix in the meantime and go hear about how he wrote it next time through. Why don’t you come too? I’ll let you know when I find out the dates.

Back to the prosaic. The recipe for the Honey Beet Cake is here or here

Here’s some more Honey Beet Cake “eye candy”. It really is worth a go. I used made-in-Alberta creamy white organic honey and Alberta organic canola from Highwood Crossing Organic Farm in my cake and you’ll see in these photos the golden glow they both gave. The cake was moist to the max and the texture was a pleasing surprise of additional flavour treats. I might do the icing differently another time but the cake is a keeper.

Honey Beet Cake fresh from the oven with a golden glow

Honey Beet Cake fresh from the oven with a golden glow

The other side - it looks a little dark but that's just the honey

The other side – it looks a little dark but that’s just the honey

Sweetheart pink icing and cinnamon hearts to dress it up for Valentine's

Sweetheart pink icing and cinnamon hearts to dress it up for Valentine’s

The first piece is always the tricky part

The first piece is always the tricky part

Ready for it’s close up
Honey Beet Cake recipe from The Alberta Beekeeper’s Association’s A Honey of a Cookbook Vol 3

Just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten the whole point of choosing honey as my topic for Alberta @ Noon today – cooking up something sweet for you own honey – I want to wish my own personal honey bunny Happy Valentine’s. Each year I dedicate a song to him and this year it is Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking”. It’s one of the first songs we danced to in 1985. I remember thinking, yes, I want THIS MAN to please stay until our love is Alive and Kicking. Here’s your real life happy ending. My wish definitely came true. I’m happy to tell you my Valentine still helps me Savour my Life each and every day not just February 14. I wish the same for you.

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Savour food – Honey – or how Valentine’s just got a whole lot sweeter

Where are the honey bees

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I love my honey and I love honey. This year I decided to bake my honey a honey-baked treat. And that got me thinking more and more about honey and where it comes from and what I really know about it anyway? I decided to do some research on it for my Alberta at Noon Food Column for CBC Radio One and so now I know considerably more and have lots of bee facts and figures buzzing around my head. But back to my love of honey. Continue reading

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