@TownofStAndrews – how do I love thee? This video shows 1000 ways #travel #SeeNewBrunswick #ExploreCanada

New Brunswick is an inside job. Those of us from there return frequently. We bring family and friends. That’s most of the tourism.

The rest of the world considers our little corner of Canada a drive-through on the way to Maine or Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or Quebec. I hope that you’ll at least take a moment to watch the video above to see what’s NOT right in front of all those drivers on our highways.

We insiders are quite smug. We’ve had a lifetime to tootle off on spontaneous detours, troll the waterways and drive the ridgeways of this densely forested, fertile valleyed, and largely coastal province. We are quite content to keep our bit of paradise to ourselves.

But then again, if you did decide to STOP and enjoy our province with us, we’d be okay with that too. It does keep our loved ones employed.

This video happens to be of my hometown, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick. There’s no special effects, it really is this stunningly beautiful.

Gotta go. Need to call home. Suddenly missing the people who taught me to savour it all.

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Art Installation #14 – @BlueRodeo #StealingDreams – #art speaks #politics – VOTE

After almost a decade of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, I’m tired of secrets so I’ll not keep it a secret that I won’t be voting for his party in the October 19 election.

Why? Watch the video by Blue Rodeo above.

Muzzling scientists? Getting rid of research institutions that were self-financed by the industries they researched? Destroying freedom of speech? Lying and cheating and insulting Canada’s collective intelligence by thinking we don’t care or NOTICE politicians who lie and cheat? Denying that 1200 aboriginal women being abducted and murdered is not a massive human rights and societal issue? Dismantling a national public radio service and news broadcaster to the point where reporters are capturing content on their iPhones? Not spending the allotted money for social programs that could prevent poverty while watching food bank use rise by 30%?

I rest my case and I hope Stephen Harper will be resting his briefcase somewhere else October 20th.

Please Vote and let the world know this is not our CANADA! If he wins, I’m going to need grief counselling for I will have suffered the loss of my country as I’ve always known and loved it.


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A visit to the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence and my @AlbertaatNoon podcast for September

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence - photo courtesy of the centre

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence – photo courtesy of the centre

Last week, while researching my monthly Alberta at Noon column, I had the opportunity to visit The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. Beef prices have hit a record high this year. They are up by 36% and drought is a big factor. Ranchers across the Prairies are having to buy feed instead of it growing in abundance. With favourite beef cuts like steaks and prime rib roasts at such high prices, it’s a very good time to explore lesser known cuts of meat.

Necessity is a great incentive program but that doesn’t mean that when the going gets tough, your meat has to as well. In today’s Alberta at Noon podcast I talked about the The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence staff’s emphasis on teaching consumers to use the whole animal in a nose to tail (everything is delicious if you just know how to cook it) fashion. Read on for a more about the centre and its role in the beef industry.

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beefing up for my @AlbertaatNoon food column with a little help from @GauchoBBQ

This post is a roundup of inspiration to utilize more than just expensive cuts of beef. The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence and Organic Alberta have the perfect workshop to get you thinking outside the burger box. The “beef connoisseurs” workshop will be Saturday, September 26, 2015. Attendees will learn lots of tips and recipes and have a chance to ask true experts for advice.

Since not all of us can make it to the workshop, this post shares some inspiring recipes from a couple of my favourite cooks – Ede Rogrigues of Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue and Noorbanu Nimji of A Spicy Touch cookbooks. While Canadian cooks are still learning about using more affordable cuts of meat, industry chefs and other cultures have made it their practice to be frugal.

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A Food Loving 48 hour Visit to #Vancouver

Bar Snacks at Vij's Restaurant - photo - Karen Anderson

Bar Snacks at Vij’s Restaurant – photo – Karen Anderson

The first thing I do when I arrive in Vancouver is to make my way to Vij’s Restaurant. Vikram Vij is a food hero of mine. He runs one of the most hospitable food establishments ANYWHERE.

Vij’s and lots of bakeries, eateries, food trucks and energetic activities kept me and my son hustling and happy on a recent visit. Our weekend in this pearl of a city on Canada’s Pacific Rim seemed to sneak up and pass us like a rogue wave. Good thing it started hot and spicy.

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last day to get tix for @citypalate REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner – Monday, September 14, 2015

City Palate magazine's 3rd Annual REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner - illustration by Pierre Lamielle - used with permission

City Palate magazine’s 3rd Annual REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner – illustration by Pierre Lamielle – used with permission

I’ve written about Long Table Dinners for CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon. I’ve written about Alberta Long Table Dinners for Calgary’s City Palate magazine.

I love them. They’re a joyous occasion. Have you been to one?

Now’s your chance. You’ve got about 19 hours left to get tickets here. You can never have too much joy.

There’s really really nothing quite like a long table dinner when it comes to the chance to savour it all.

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Stock your pantry with a bounty of #local @albertaculinary @cookitraw produce – my @CityPalate Sept-Oct column

Alberta is a great place to eat - photo - Karen Anderson

Alberta is a great place to eat – photo – Karen Anderson

Click this The Local Pantry link to find an article I just wrote for Calgary’s City Palate magazine featuring 50 of my favourite local food and beverage products.

Choose these products first and you’ll help grow a strong Alberta and Canadian economy from within. We are blessed with the very best tasting food in the world.

I’ll eat and drink to that. In fact, I think eating local might be the very best way to savour it all.

Cheers, K.

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