If you like #LocalFood #LocalFarms and #FarmersMarkets then you’ll love finding your #SoilMate

Watch the video above to learn about this new agri-enterprise that has the potential to change the way we source our food.

Recommend your favourite farms, farmer’s markets and wineries/meaderies. Spread the word, like farmer’s spread manure.

Let’s see all our soil mates get listed and help get this great seed of an idea growing at the same time.

Local food, farms and farmer’s markets help us savour it all.

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Not Invisible – Art Installation #4

There is no them
There’s only us

I can’t see him but he’s not invisible

The plain truth delivered in U2′s powerful black and white

If my 18-year-old son were alive would he be rebelling and saying
you can’t see me but I’m here
I’m not my father’s son

doesn’t matter, that’s all drama, invented by my brain
my body knows we are all just bodies in one soul

There is no them
There’s only you
and there’s only me
There’s only us

Thank you to U2 for helping me see what’s not invisible
and for giving me the glue to keep it together
it’s always fiction if we imagine we are separate

There’s only us
I will not turn away from the one, not today or any day

I’ll take the pain and savour it all
once again

and besides, this song is about helping bodies on this planet who are invisible even though they are physically present
and that’s where I’ll turn my attention today
my son would have liked that
taking care of our oneness

there’s only us

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Savour it All – Finding Joy after Grief

Originally posted on Savour It All:

Avignonessi Angel photo - Karen Anderson

Avignonessi Angel
photo – Karen Anderson

Angel things
By Karen Anderson

Because of Ryan (March 18 – 20, 1996)
Originally posted in 2011. Updated March, 2014 – because he would have been 18 on the 18th of this year. A golden birthday…not forgotten.

My son is an angel.

I knew it the second I laid eyes on him. His energy was bold and pure. It was something perceived, sensed, understood. He suffered while he was here and knowing he would he came anyway. He is just that kind of soul; brave and loving; thinking only of the gift he could give his father and me. It took awhile but I see his power now.

He left us after only a short time but he is always here in my heart. He serves as a powerful reminder each day to stop and think about the way he would have us live…

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March 18, 2014 · 4:00 am

I’m writing about Alberta cheese makers again…I can’t seem to stop myself

Paulo Campanella and Frank Fiorini, White Gold Cheese Factory photo credit - Karen Anderson

Paulo Campanella and Frank Fiorini, White Gold Cheese Factory
photo credit – Karen Anderson


Here’s the link to my latest piece for City Palate magazine where I wrote about White Gold Cheese Factory owners Frank Fiorini and Paulo Campanella. I love those two generous-hearted Italian guys and admire their dedication. Making a successful venture out of a cheese making factory in Alberta’s tightly controlled Alberta Milk dairy quota system is commendable. I hope you enjoy reading the details of how they did this and here’s a bonus video so you too can visit with Frank and Paulo in their factory.

White Gold are one of 15 Alberta cheese making companies I’ve highlighted previously. They all have such fascinating stories that they all deserve a full piece. I may have to attempt that but later this week, I’ll be posting my column for CBC radio one’s Alberta at Noon where I focus instead on D-I-Y cheese making. That’s right, after hanging out with all these cheese makers, I decided to give it a try myself.

I hope after you read this week’s CBC column you will want to give cheese making a try too. Here’s a little preview eye candy to encourage you to consider doing so.

Cheese…I definitely savour it all. I must have been a mouse in a former life.

Cindy Lazarenko's Goat Cheese Ricotta photo - Karen Anderson

Cindy Lazarenko’s Goat Cheese Ricotta
photo – Karen Anderson

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@AvenueMagazine’s Best Restaurants 2014 list for Calgary

Calgary is blessed with a true community of great chefs photo - Karen Anderson

Calgary is blessed with a true community of great chefs
photo – Karen Anderson

Calgary's Best Restaurants 2014 | Avenue Magazine.

It was great fun to be one of Avenue Magazine’s eight “best restaurants” judges again this year. Beyond the voting process, I was thrilled to have the chance to be a cheerleader for my favourites in Calgary’s burgeoning food scene. Admittedly, not all of my picks made it to the top 10 list above but there’s more to this annual March publication than first meets the eye.

Read on to see what I’m talking about…

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Ode to @JoyRoadCatering – coming soon to @CookbookCooks in Calgary

Dappled sunlight at day's end signals time for a Joy Road Al Fresco dinner  photo - Karen Anderson

Dappled sunlight at day’s end signals time for a Joy Road Al Fresco dinner
photo – Karen Anderson

Canada’s Top 40 under 40 Foodies, Dana Ewart and Cameron Smith of Joy Road Catering are coming to Calgary March 15 and 16, 2014 for a weekend of sharing not only their cooking but their cooking skills.

Joy Road’s Al Fresco Winemaker’s dinner series – held on the clay banks escarpment high above Lake Skaha in Penticton, B.C. each summer – has been listed in the top ten dining events to experience in Canada. Tickets for each season sell out as quickly as they are announced. Patrons eagerly await the chance to return to the bucolic setting and taste of place this team serves up with deceiving ease. A multi-course dinner for 40, paired with local winemaker’s bounty, served outside on crisp white linens – complete with elegant flowers, candles and a touch of whimsy – are carried out with the panache that only comes with mastery of the culinary arts. The vibe is French or Italian countryside without the pricey plane ticket and jet lag but with all the subtle pride in a region’s produce and terroir.

The Joy Road Catering Calgary events at The Cookbook Co. Cooks are as follows:

March 15 – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – whole hog butchery – $135/person.
March 15 – 6:30 to 9 p.m. – Joy Road Catering’s wine paired feast – $100/person.
March 16 – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. – hands on charcuterie-making – $100/person.
All tickets are available through The Cookbook Co. Cooks by calling (403) 265-6066.

Want to know a little more about what makes Joy Road’s Ewart and Smith so special? Read on for a cozy peek into life lived on Joy Road…

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Eating the Mediterranean way – NEJM article shows it will help you live -to Savour It All – longer

Heart health is mostly in our hands

Heart health is mostly in our hands

Maybe it’s because I’m just back from a beach holiday where I ate fresh fish, fruit and vegetables everyday or maybe it’s because February is “Heart Month” but healthy eating is on my mind.

It could also be that I’m getting older and as The Rolling Stones infamous guitarist Keith Richards, says,

“The older you get, the older you want to get”.

If I have the good fortune to live a long time, I want to do that in health and prosperity. I think there are three things that are going to help me get there.

1. I cook (from scratch) and people who cook for themselves and their families are going to live longer because homemade food will always be healthier. A 2003 Harvard study led by David Cutler showed that most of the increase in obesity in America could be explained by the rise of food preparation outside the home.

2. I’m adopting the principles of the Mediterranean way of cooking and eating.

3. Last but not least, a body in motion stays in motion so you’ll always find me looking for ways to “move it, move it” as exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for a long and healthy life.

This post will examine what the mindful choice to eat in a more Mediterranean fashion might look like for a land-locked Albertan. I’ll also include a few articles that provide the evidence of why this really is a great strategy for living a longer and healthier life.

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