Karen Anderson

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. Whether you stopped by per chance or you are a kindred spirit attracted by the name of my blog, I’m happy you’re here and would love it if you’d leave a comment here or on any of my posts. I’d welcome the chance to get to know you.

I love to write.

I hope by sharing information and stories about food, recipes, markets, farmers, chefs, and some of the experiences and insights from my previous career as a nurse I can help others increase the joy in their lives. I will also write about times when life is not easy because I’ve been around long enough to know that…

…no matter what life serves up ,we can still…

savour it all.

3 responses to “about

  1. caryn

    I wouldlove a recommendation for a cooking class while in Paris with my 17 year old daughter who would you suggest ?? We will be there 6/26-7/2- would love any suggestions you might have.

    Caryn Effron

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